Wednesday, May 19, 2010


A year later and I can't believe I'm going to write about my favorite Canadian idiot again. But here goes... HI! His name is Karol Madera but I call him KKKarol and his call's VE7KFM. The KKK is there because he sounds like he'd be right at home in a pointy white hood. You know all that if you've been following this blog.

If you read you already know about most of his friends. Little Brandon Duke, a young boy he invited to live with him, is now in jail for taking a shot at a cop in Longmont, Colorado. The cop shot back, 3 times, and Brandon was in surgery before they popped him in the clink for possible attempted MURDER.

Another world class loser and friend of Karol's is Toad O'Dochartaigh in Taylorville, Il. Seems the Toad's about to go to trial for harassment. Toad's another one who writes checks his narrow ass cain't cash.

How bout that KKKarol? Funny how all your friends turn out to be criminals ain't it? Of course, I'm the first one to point that out and it looks I was right all along.

Then we have Goldberg the Pirate and Baxter the boy broadcaster and Witless Tritch the ID thief and let's not forgit ol' Dave Tolassi, the great shrinking brain, as I call him, Hi! Too many losers to count when it comes to KKKarol and his friends.

Now, the point of this post is to discuss Karol's latest stunt. He's been telling a lady at the FCC she can perform oral sex on him. Not only that but he's been calling her the "C" word on the air. Despite a few hundred complaints, I guess this is OK with the moron in charge of Industry Can-a-duh in KKKarol's area. That's really something ain't it?

My point is simply this. When you're such a pathetic low-down cowardly puke as to take shots at a lady and when you stoop as low as you can go, which is way lower than snake shit, like this Karol Madera feller has, then you earn the title Scumbag of the Year in my book.

I wasn't the least bit surprised when folks started jamming the piss out of his crappy signal, or when they started blogging about his cowardly ways, or even when they banned him from all the polite forums like qrz, eham, and ham island.

In my opinion he deserves all that and a helluva lot more. If he wasn't hiding in a slum in what looks like a crack house on a shitty island in western Can-a-duh, I might open a big can of whoop ass on him myself.

You might even want to look at the outhouse he calls home for a few laughs. Use Google Maps and plug in "3040 Tillicum Road, Saanich, BC V9A 2B3" and look for the tv tower in the yard. See what I mean?

Well, enough about that little turd Karol Madera. And by the way, you can sue me if you want KKKarol. Just remember, I ain't gonna waive my right to personal service, so you all come down and service me, you sniveling pussy!


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