Friday, September 5, 2008


You would think that with all the grumbling, cussing, and carrying on
by VE7KFM about QRM he would try and avoid it himself, right? WRONG.

Today on 14.275 a very weak station from Ascension Island (ZD8LP)
worked a string of Stateside and Europe. Until of course VE7KFM,
Karol F. Madera a known troublemaker opened up calling CQ and of
course run him off.

Shortly after that a PY5 station asked if freq was in use, got no
reply after three requests...Yep you got it, soon as the Brazil
got a station in Germany Karol begins CQ'ing once again. He was
asked to standby several times and IGNORED them totally. Several
stations called him from 6 and 7 land that I could hear and super
operator heard none of them. Of course he called CQ as soon as
the Brazil station went into listening mode.

And of course he not once asked if the frequency was in use.

Now where is that Woulf-Hong when ya need it?



Anonymous said...

You just can't teach common courtesy to a bitter old drunk.

BTW, wasn't Woulf-Hong the name of Karol's abusive daddy?

Dan/W4NTI said...

That depends on what story he is spreading around at the time.

Anonymous said...

Depending on the beer intake Karol goes from discussing bath house meetings with his fellow gay boy toys to crying about not being able to meet women. Poor Karol should switch to stronger booze.

Jim L said...

Karol's been jamming, crying, and lying for years. No one believes Madera. He's a drunken old sodomite with delusions of grandeur.

n8gav said...

Karol will just say "They were jamming me". He's a master of the turn-the -tables on everyone but me.

Dan/W4NTI said...

But guys, wouldn't you think by now....6plus years, that he would change his script?


Anonymous said...

Karol is Canada's answer to such infamous American jammers of the past such as K6KPS and others long gone. A wouff-hong would not be effective here. I would suggest instead a LAW or a Russian RPG or perhaps a concealed well-placed Claymore.

Anonymous said...

No Claymore or RPG necessary. A varmint rifle would do the "trick."

I'm very surprised someone with a a 223 and a 4 power scope stationed at the Jehova's Witness Temple across the street has not yet attempted to rid us of the psycho.

The second story window faces the Temple and that's where all the offensive propaganda comes from.

It would be real easy for a man on a mission to do the deed and hop the ferry to the mainland within a very short time afterward.

I still wonder why it hasn't happened yet?

Anonymous said...

If you wish Karol dead ... why suggest others do it, those remarks show how much you nitwit pinheads care about a frequency fight, you are sick... Is it worth that much that you wish someone else, but of course not weenie weakling you, would kill a man over this??? say your prayers. ask for forgiveness and Grow up

Dan/W4NTI said...

I think you need to re read that anonymous note. I don't see any direct or implied threats.

What I see is a person wondering why someone hasn't popped him yet.

Not saying that is nice, but take a chill pill dude.

Anonymous said...

The power of suggestion huh Rambo. even to suggestions as to what someone else could use use to do him in... Sounds like suggetions to me, but no one with the gonads to do it in your group. figures

Dan/W4NTI said...

Go practice your shrink crap on someone who cares.


Anonymous said...

Rambo your bark is worse than your bite, all you are good at is inciting, all talk no action if it puts you in harms way you stand back and watch. From a comfortable harm free position of course

Dan/W4NTI said...

You posting as anonymous and you say I don't have the nerve. What a freaking dumbass.

For a start if you want me to take ANYTHING you say seriously then identify yourself.


brian said...

"Anonymous" is really giving it to you Dan!

Next thing you know, "Anonymous" will challenge you to a duel.

Of course, "Anonymous" has no balls, which is why "Anonymous" isn't going to identify himself.

"Anonymous" if you feel so strongly about Dan's blog, why not identify yourself? What are you AFRAID of?


Dan/W4NTI said...


Because he is the gutless puke he claims I am. I didn't even write
that note, he is too dumb to see that.

I don't think I have to prove to anyone I'm not a coward. Keeping it in ham radio....Polly. What happened at the Birmingham Fest when you found out it was me buying those stolen medical tools?

Come on out tough guy.

Anonymous said...

Karol is just being Karol, all mouth no balls.

Anonymous said...

Rambo, you are well known for your frequency fight activities lies and potty mouth over the years, and a world class liar to boot.. Have fun raising hell, but one this is sure, you can't do a thing about Karol and none of your flunkie ass toadies can either, ain't that a shame.... Cry some more Babywahhhhh wahh

Dan/W4NTI said...

Well known for my frequency fights?
Wow. First time I heard about it was last week, from you as a matter of fact, Polly.