Monday, November 3, 2008


Anyone happen to give a listen to the Karol Madera show this
last WEEK?

Any doubt in any ones mind that he is in serious need of
mental health help?

He is getting worse and worse.

Of course it is everyone Else's fault that as soon as he
appears on frequency (usually jamming anyone off that was
already there) he is jammed silly.

Of course I can't hear what he hears, but I think he
has a receiver problem. Why you ask? Because he can't
seem to hear anyone telling him things like "The frequency
is in use Karol, QSY". And he has a problem having any
kind of a normal QSO. It's like he is reading from a

Here of late he has gone to what I call "Bucket Mouth
Sponge Boy Mode".

Industry Canada seems to think it is a "Frequency Fight"
In reality it is Karol vs the US and her citizens.

Don't believe me? Give 14.275 a listen most every afternoon
and early evening.

You may hear some of those he claims is doing the jamming.
Like me, W4NTI, etc. Mostly I respond when I hear him
calling me. But for some reason he don't hear me. I guess
I need more power, eh? That's what he does, cranks it
up, "all knobs to the right" as he says. Well past even
the Canadian limit. Which is 2500watts. Bet his neighbors
love him.



Anonymous said...

f you want to silence Karol then you and your freind need to leave him alone and ignore him then maybe you can make a point

Dan/W4NTI said...


Thank you for your input. Of
course you are intitled to one.
After all many of us have fought
and died for your right to show
your ignorance of the subject.

This has been tried many many times. He just sucks in more converts, like you, that don't know their arse from a hole in
the ground.

Have a nice day.